What clients have said about Kai Rambow . . .

“Working with you was a very easy experience.”

        -        American Iron and Steel Institute

client testimonials

“After only a few weeks we are seeing significant improvement in our employees’ business writing skills.”
          -       Cargill

“The group that completed the course was enthusiastic in their responses. All of them feel the time was extremely well spent.”
         -      The Financial Post Magazine

“We were impressed with how well you targeted the audience, customized the program and focused on the key areas that proved to be most beneficial to us.”
        -       General Motors

“I will be doing a brief report on the tremendous success of the course, not only in the presentation skills but on the added benefit of team building that occurred.”
           -     The Prudential

“After the first day, using the skills you had taught, I was able to look at the memo and it was easy to see what needed to be done differently. Your ideas were very helpful and applicable.”
         -       SEIKO Corporation

“For every 100 trainers who apply to become trainers for us, only one makes the grade. Kai Rambow has been one of those trainers, and we’re glad that he has been associated with us.”
        -        International Training Company

“Material would make for a good book.”
        -       Toastmasters International

An overview of what participants have learned from Kai's business writing programs. . .

participant testimonials

“I hate writing, but Kai showed me how to make it less painful and easier.” A.W., Seattle, Washington

“I’ve attended a number of writing workshops and walked away with NO solid structure. Kai Rambow explained simple methods on ‘how to’ write letters, reports and proposals. Thank you.” J.F., Boston, Massachusetts

“Thank you for all the great tips that can be used immediately. I really appreciated how much fun Kai brought to the topic.” J.D.S., Atlanta, Georgia

“Thanks for showing me how to get my e-mail read and acted upon.” T.R., Chicago, Illinois

“I expected another boring program on grammar. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it and how practical it was.” D.S., Los Angeles, California

What participants in Kai's programs have said about him as a trainer. . .

“Program leader was very clear, precise and knowledgeable about this seminar. I wish all were like him.” A.A., Toronto, Ontario

“Very informative. Presented in a way information can be remembered and used. Kai has a wonderful sense of humor and great examples.” A.B., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“Kai has excellent presentation skills. A good presenter is as important as one who knows the subject matter. He is blessed with both.” S.W., Arlington, Virginia

“Kai is a great speaker with a good sense of humor. This helped keep my interest and made the class fun.” J.F., Dallas, Texas

What participants in Kai's programs have said about him as a trainer. . .

“Over the last 20 years I have attended similar presentations. This is by far the best because I know I will use the material at work.” V.P., Toronto, Ontario

“I found it to be helpful, enlightening, as well as fun. A ‘must take’ for anyone who does any kind of writing.” R.J., Indianapolis, Indiana

“What I learned about mind mapping and free writing was worth the price of the seminar.” M.P., Plantation, Florida

“The writing exercises were very helpful.” M.P., Houston, Texas

And additional comments from participants . . .

“Did I really learn this in school? If it had been this much fun, I would not have been struggling.” G.S., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Thanks for the black and white guidelines and long forgotten rules. Thanks for the confidence!” R.R., Austin, Texas

“My major problem was organization and writer’s block. As a result of this workshop, I have gained some helpful information that I can’t wait to use.” R.B., New York, New York

“The instructor was entertaining, easy to approach, knowledgeable, easy to understand and also reassuring.” M.B., Washington, DC