An author of over 200 published articles, Kai continues to write today. Kai worked on six professional publications serving as writer, associate editor and editor on all of them. “Two of the editors with whom I worked,” reflects Kai, “taught me lifelong lessons that have served me and my audiences well.”

“I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Stephen Covey (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Zig Ziglar (See You At the Top) and Harvey Mackay (Swim with the Sharks) for articles I’ve written. Getting the right information and presenting just the right information is a challenge. It’s a challenge all of us face in our business writing. I love helping people meet that challenge,” enthuses Kai.

Whether it’s a simple business letter, handling a touch customer service problem, or policy and procedure, Kai has worked on all kinds of documents during his career. His background led to Kai being selected as the lead trainer for a Fortune 100 company’s internal specialized writing program. He’s delivered it well over 100 times in numerous locations.

An experienced speaker, Kai has delivered over 2,500 programs to more than 225 clients across North America, in South America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. Clients have included AT&T, Capital One, Disney, GE, General Motors, IBM, Kraft Foods, Lockheed Martin, Pepsi-Cola, Procter & Gamble and The Prudential.

He is one of the rare few to have earned the Accredited Speaker designation. Toastmasters International created the Accredited Speaker program as a way to recognize those speakers whose speaking skills are of the highest caliber. Fewer than 60 people out of over 300,000 members worldwide have ever earned this designation.